How to Use btw: Stuff You Should Know



The btw Web site delivers current events with relevant, informative, and engaging content and is updated regularly. Read more to find out how the site works and what you can find there.

The Top Stories

The first thing you see are the “Top Stories.” Posted articles address key events in the United States and around the world. Each article is written to be easily read and understood by anyone, from kids to adults. This news isn’t supposed to be difficult to understand. It news the way you would like it to be. Each story is informative, educational, and interesting.

Multimedia content and Web links are woven throughout each article, just like you expect things in an online environment to work.

Each article also includes unique questions at the end of the story that allows you to stop and consider what you’ve read and experienced. By “Digging Deeper” you get to make sure you’ve understood the content.


Ongoing topics that have been examined over a series of separate articles are organized into Feature boxes below the Top Stories. You can also explore interviews with interesting people and more.

Connect and Share

The btw site is regularly updated with new material. Check back often to discover more stuff you should know.

Bookmark the btw URL and put it in your Favorite Web sites.

You can also subscribe to the btw RSS feed—new articles are delivered straight to you. Subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the link in the Connect & Share box displayed with the Modules.

Use the SHARE button to post your favorite articles to a blog, to Facebook, to MySpace, or one of several other social media Web sites.