A Profile of Lowell Hoover

Lowell Hoover remembers saying goodbye to his father at the bus station the day he left New Lexington, Ohio, for Vietnam. His father said, “I went away to World War II so you wouldn’t have to fight in another war. But just remember: you’re a Hoover, and you can take this.” Hoover, however, cannot recall [...]

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What Do You Think?

Research arguments that people have used to support or protest United States involvement in the Vietnam War. Create a poster that expresses your view of the United States role in the war. Posters may include photographs, graphs, charts, or quotations that support your point of view. Present your poster to the class, pointing out how the elements in the poster support your opinion.

Dig Deeper

Men and women who served in the military during the Vietnam War have been honored by the creation of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. The memorial consists of three parts: the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the Three Soldiers statue, and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. Choose one of these memorials and research it on the Internet. Find out when it was created, who designed it, and what it symbolizes. Write a short essay that includes these facts. Your essay should also include your thoughts about the memorial and an assessment of whether you think the memorial serves its purpose.

Share What You Know?

The United States Army has developed technology to help it achieve its military objectives. Research and create a presentation software describing the technology used by soldiers during the Vietnam War and the technology used today. Research military technology from both eras, such as radios, surveillance cameras, and weapons. Share your presentation with the class, and explain how the technology has changed from then to now.